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SQLite admin tool

Hot keys

Ctrl_P Previous command
Ctrl_N Next command
Ctrl_R Execute script from file
CtrlShift_S Save script to current SQLite database
CtrlShift_O Load script from current SQLite database
Ctrl_S Save script to file
Ctrl_O Load script from file
Alt_S Save script to long buffer
Alt_O Load script from long buffer
Ctrl_T Insert template into cursor
Alt_T Create template as selected text
CtrlShift_0..9 Save selected text in local clips
Ctrl_0..9 Insert text from local clips into cursor
Ctrl_| Show local clips
Ctrl_Up Increase input field
Ctrl_Down Reduce input field
Ctrl_+ Increase font
Ctrl_- Reduce font
Ctrl_C Cancel execute
CtrlShift_[ Enable trace into log file
CtrlShift_] Disable trace log file
Ctrl_MouseLB Copy selected into clipboard
Shift_MouseLB Paste from clipboard

F2 Change mode: Select or Grid
F3 Options
F5 Execute all
F7 Execute selected
F8 Clear screen out
F9 Menu
F11 Plugins
F12 Connect
Alt_X Exit programm


--#CLS Clear screen
-- Import DBF into SQLite
  • -rownum= Limits amount of the imported record (=20)
  • -fields= Import only specified fields (acc,nameacc)
  • -ansi= Lines in DBF lies in ANSI coding [defailt-0]
  • -table= Name of the table in which are imported data
    Example: -- c: mp\one.dbf -rownum=1000 -fields=Fld1,Summ -ansi=1 -table=tmp_dbf
  • -- Export DBF from SQLite
  • -select= Select expression, given which are exported to DBF
  • -ansi= Data in DBF will be recorded in ANSI coding [default-0]
    Example: -- c: mp\demo.dbf -select="select * from account where ID=81 order by acc" -ansi=1
  • -- Export XML from SQLite
  • -select= Select expression, given which are exported to XML
    Example: -- c: mp\demo.xml -select="select * from account where ID=81 order by acc"
  • -- Export HTML from SQLite
  • -select= Select expression, given which are exported in HTML
    Example: -- c: mp\demo.htm -select="select * from account where ID=81 order by acc"
  • Support function

    ReplaceUpper(s,s,s) Return replace substring in string ignore case
    EqualInt(i,i) Return 1 if two integer equal else return 0
    Hash(s) Return integer hash key for the input string
    LikeAnsi(s,s) Return ansi like substring in string
    UpperAnsi(s) Return ansi upper case string
    LowerAnsi(s) Return ansi lower case string
    TrimLeft(s) Return left trim string
    Trim(s) Return all trim string
    TrimRight(s) Return right trim string
    PadLeft(s,i,s) Return left pad string
    PadRight(s,i,s) Return right pad string
    Replace(s,s,s) Return replace substring in string
    Translate(s,s,s) Return translate chars in string
    Instr(s,s) Return position substring in string
    Mod(i,i) Return mod number
    Div(i,i) Return div number
    Sign(i) Return sign number -1 0 1
    BitSet(i,i) Return sets a particular bit
    BitClr(i,i) Return clear a particular bit
    BitNot(i,i) Return invers a particular bit
    BitTst(i,i) Return 1 if set a particular bit or 0
    Int2Hex(i,i) Return converts the given value to a hexadecimal string representation
    Hex2Int(s) Return converts the given hexadecimal string to the corresponding integer value
    NameUserNet() Return the network ID for the current system user
    NameUser() Return the ID for the current Windows's user
    NameComputer() Return the name string for the current system
    select DATETIME('NOW');
    select ReplaceUpper('qwerty', 'QW', 'xz');
    select Hash('qwerty') HASH;
    select EqualInt(1,1) OK, EqualInt(1,2) NO;
    select '.'||PadLeft('qwer',8,'+')||'.' PadL, '.'||PadRight('qwer',8,'+')||'.' PadR;                             
    select UpperAnsi('qweRTY') Up, LowerAnsi('qweRTY') Lo;                                                          
    select '.'||Trim(' qwe rty ')||'.' T, '.'||TrimLeft(' qwe rty ')||'.' TL, '.'||TrimRight(' qwe rty ')||'.' TR;  
    select Replace('qwertyqwerty','r','R') Rep, Translate('qwertyqwerty','rwy','RWY') Tra;                          
    select Instr('qwertyqwerty','yq');                                                                              
    select Mod(13,3), Div(13,3);                                                                                    
    select Sign(12), Sign(-12), Sign(0);                                       
    select BitSet(0,4);
    select BitClr(255,4);
    select BitNot(110,4);
    select BitTst(18,4);
    select Int2Hex(123456789,4);
    select Hex2Int('adef1adf');
    select NameUserNet();
    select NameUser();
    select NameComputer();
    Drop  table test;
    Create table test (ii integer, dd double, cc char(32));
    Insert into test values (1, 1.1, 'one');
    Insert into test values (2, 2.1, 'two');
    Insert into test values (3, 3.1, 'three');
    Select * from test;
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